We are a company specialized in the comprehensive management of architectural projects. We have qualified technicians with more than 15 years of experience, managing projects and all type of constructions, commercial, industrial and hotel industry projects throughout the country, offering a field study and advice service to give our clients always the best solution adapted to their needs.


We are Jaime, Roberto and Óscar. In 2015 we were fortunate to coincide in the same company. There, we developed a work of management of constructions and projects. We got to know each other and we realized that our values, our energy and the way we see work were in the same line and we understood each other perfectly. Consequently, after a while, we decided to join forces and row together in our own boat. This is how we packed our bags and our adventure began, to continue growing together and bring dedication, enthusiasm and a personalized service to each project we embark on.


Óscar Gutierrez Díez | LinkedIn

My beginnings in the profession date back to 2001, when I saw a job offer posted on the school bulletin board, where I was finishing my studies in Technical Architecture. That was my first professional challenge.
Today I feel very happy when I look back and, aware of my achievements, I value the development of my profession throughout all these years, thanks to all the builders, engineers and professionals with whom I have had the pleasure of working and growing, mainly performing management and project works.
I have a soft spot for well done tasks. I do care about the relationship with my clients. I am persevering, I like challenges and keep improving every day.
I love cycling and nature. I ride my bicycle to get around the city, and to exercise. My energy is recharged when I ride or when I take a walk on the nearest mountain or beach.
I am here to provide expertise to the team, but also to get everything you propose. Tell me what you need and how can I help you and I will be happy to do so.

Roberto Coves Pomares | LinkedIn

After finishing my studies in Technical Architecture and extending them in Denmark, I began my career as a construction manager in the demanding world of retailing, managing projects for national and international clients throughout Spain.
I think that efficiency in construction is key to meet clients expectations, and this is only possible with planning and a professional and correctly coordinated team, working safely and taking care of the quality in every detail.
This is the philosophy that I put into practice in my projects, with professionalism and closeness, knowing that small details make the difference.
In my free time I like to enjoy nature and surfing, although I always end up missing the safety helmet and work boots.
The adventure of embarking in this company, together with my two colleagues, only encourages me to continue working hard to meet any challenge that comes our way.

Jaime Escolano Llópez | LinkedIn

While finishing my studies in Technical Architecture, I realized that something was missing, which nowadays I still consider essential: energy sustainability and a deeper knowledge of all the factors that interfere in construction works. With this idea in mind, I complemented my studies with a master's degree in my hometown, and I have never stopped my professional training and development.
I understand the construction as a living and constantly evolving organism, and that is why I always pursue the idea of Technician 2.0 in my work, contributing to the construction work with the current design and management tools.
A construction work is a set of resources to be managed, and there, in that need for order, is where we place ourselves as technicians and where I enjoy most, managing all material, human and economic resources so that everything is in harmony.