Renovated facade




Year: 2021

158 m2

Integral management for this turnkey renovation of detached single-family housing. It is a 1950s building. The sloping roof is being rebuilt with reinforcement for photovoltaic installation. Moisture is treated by capillarity throughout the house, the outer perimeter plinth is made, it is completely renovated, changing the interior distribution and waterproofing against moisture and placing insulation throughout the envelope, as well as exterior carpentry with breakage of thermal bridge. All facilities are renovated, air conditioning and a new fireplace cassette, kitchen and bathroom are installed. Existing solid wood doors are restored and new hardware installed.

Independent old kitchen

New kitchen attached to living room

Kitchen access door with old electrical panel

Old kitchen

New kitchen with restored door and new electrical and telecommunications panel

Division between kitchen and old dining room

New kitchen-living room

Old chimney

New chimney cassette

New kitchen

Complimentary closet in access

Complimentary closet

New kitchen

New kitchen

New living room

Old bathroom

New bathroom with niche

Old bathroom

New bathroom with matte black faucet

New bathroom furniture

New shower with the same floor

Old hall

New hall

Old room

New living room-study

Old living room

New study

Distributor with arc

Old room

New room

New room

Old room

New room

Damaged old roof

New roof with photovoltaic installation

New porch

Old facade

New facade with ceramic plinth